Underwood’s Pumpkin-Cute Fall Festival Begins

The Moorpark merriment, open daily through Halloween, boasts a pumpkin patch, a corn stalk labyrinth, and other fall-fun finds.

Underwood Family Farms

Do we usually seek to quickly jump-start springtime? Or summer?

That depends on the individual, but as spring arrives in such a soft and unassuming way, and summer's main parties rev up in July, we're content with letting the seasonal celebrations roll out as they will. (Yes, winter's holidays have a way of grandly sweeping in with the solstice.)

But fall?

We want to get it going, pronto, and as leaves have a way of staying green around Southern California, at least through much if not all of October, and Halloween is a ways out from the equinox, we have to look for other larks that say "It Is Now Autumn, Please Enjoy" to us.

A main merriment from that category, in the Southern California sector?

The Underwood Fall Harvest Festival at Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark.

Here's why: Families, first-date couples, 798th-date couples, and groups of autumn-obsessed pals have made for the agra-awesome destination for over two decades now, all to choose a pumpkin, get lost in the corn stalk maze, join a tractor-drawn wagon ride, and visit the beautiful and barn-y animals that keep a home on the expansive property.

The Underwood Fall Harvest Festival opens for the 2018 season on Saturday, Sept. 29, and it'll clip-clop right through to Halloween.

And, yes: It's a daily thing, not just weekends, and if you do call upon all of this charming cuteness on a weekday, you'll pay less to enter.

Parking? Totally free.

Weekends bustle, true true true, so arrive earlier than later to get your gourd-fun on.

And if you do make it to Moorpark on a Saturday or Sunday? Prepare for a theme weekend, which is one of the hallmarks of this harvest-flavored festivity.

Farm Country Weekend, Antique Tractor Weekend, and more thematic overlays are all ahead on the Underwood calendar.

Get your prices, your information, and the many autumn-esque activities that have become as standard to this celebration as seeds are to a squash.

Happy Underwooding, longtime Underwoodians, and happy jump-starting that sweet fall feeling, fast, now that October is nearly here.

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