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Unicorn Melt: Rainbow Grilled Cheese Hits LA

Chomp Eatery is now serving the Instagram sensation.

There was a time, back when we were tots, when we would sprinkle rainbow-hued jimmies upon our sundaes, and down rainbow-speckled cereal (which turned the milk sorta kinda pink), and devour rainbow taffy, and deem any food striped like a rainbow as our mostest favoritest ever of all time.

Then we grew up, and outgrew rainbow'd foods... Strike that. Nope. Didn't happen.

The fact is that few eaters truly outgrow foods that look like rainbows, for edibles that boast the multiple bright colors rule, especially when the foodstuff in question is, surprisingly, not of the sugary variety (the area where rainbows have long dominated).

Meet the Rainbow Grilled Cheese, a recent sensation in Hong Kong and, in turn, on Instagram, too. Like the famous Rainbow Bagel from Brooklyn's The Bagel Store, the Rainbow Grilled Cheese is a chromatic wonder, but not sweet. Mind blown? Tastebuds tempted? It intrigues, no doubt.

Now Angelenos will have a chance to chow down upon this colorful comfort food at Chomp Eatery in Santa Monica. The restaurant unveiled the Unicorn Melt on Thursday, April 28, and it is just as gooey and garish as you might hope. 

What's in a Unicorn Melt? Why unicorn milk, of course (but let's call it provolone and white American cheese for the purposes of non-magical meal clarity). The happy hues spring from food coloring, and the toasted sourdough bread holds the flavorful rainbow in place.

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Well, mostly in place; this is a grilled cheese, after all, and we like our grilled cheeses to be a bit on the stringy, melty, see-ya-bread-y side.

The surreal sandwich's cost is six bucks, which, anyone knows, is about what it costs to cover unicorn feed for a day, if you happen to keep a unicorn as a pet.

Ready to welcome rainbow-enchanted hues to other edibles, even those beyond the dessert course? It's happening, Southern California. Like the rainbow itself, color-wow dishes may pop up and surprise us at the most random times.

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