Universal Monsters Now Haunting Old Town Music Hall

"The Mummy" and "The Invisible Man" are coming up at the El Segundo cinema.

What to Know

  • Old Town Music Hall
  • Through Oct. 26 (select films on select dates)
  • El Segundo

If the Invisible Man were to drive from Universal City to El Segundo, would we even know it?

Well, sure, we'd see his car on the 405, which wouldn't be invisible, but he himself would seemingly disappear behind the wheel.

But this Universal Pictures icon, who stands tall, though hard to detect, among the other and equally as legendary Universal Monsters, doesn't need to make his way between the two Southern California towns.

For Old Town Music Hall, that purveyor of great vintage cinema, has procured a few of the best-known Universal Monster movies, all to show on the big screen ahead of Halloween.

For sure, "The Invisible Man" is coming up, on Oct. 19 and 20, but "The Mummy" will stomp before then, on Oct. 18 and 19.

"The Wolf Man" is set to howl on Oct. 25 and 26, and there's a special screening of "The Phantom of the Opera" rowing its boat for the El Segundo cinema on the evening of Oct. 26, too.

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No, the monsters will not be there in person, or, erm, in monster.

Not that we know of, but, you know, phantoms do like to lurk around theaters. And we wouldn't even see the Invisible Man if he was there, anyhow.

Rather, these decades-old delights will shimmer on the hall's screen, to charm and scare those people who know the films well and the guests who are watching for the very first and frightful time.

So, how long does it take to drive from Universal Studios, where these monsters have long kept an address, to El Segundo, the home of one of our region's most retro and beautiful single-screeners?

The Universal Monsters know the way. Best catch some of their greatest works at the Old Town Music Hall as October deepens into its final act.

Cue the lightning strikes, and evil cackles, and raven caws, and the Wurlitzer Organ, too...

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