Urban Hikes Go in Search of “Forgotten LA”

Four neighborhoods, four summer Sundays: And go!

You know how articles sometimes start "if an alien from outer space landed here today, would they think XYZ about our city because of ABC?"

It's basically a way to say that outside eyes might interpret recent local developments as longstanding regional traditions. Sorry, users of this old trope, but we gotta pull back the curtain on the mechanics of this chestnut.

That said, if a cosmic creature were to land in LA right now, they might well think we're a) a city that is devoted to bicycles as much as autos (thank you, CicLAvia et al) and b) that we're a city that loves to be out exploring on foot (thank you, Great Walk LA, Urban Hikes et al).

Urban Hikes is one of the most interesting of our region's ever-growing walking events, and you'll get to see why starting on Sunday, June 30. The upshot is this: Groups go in search of "Forgotten LA" within those neighborhoods we call home and see every day.

Can things be forgotten or missed, right where we all live? Of course. It's something Los Angeles is too often maligned for. We're said to speed by things without seeing them.

But you'll see Monterey Park, in the first Urban Hike outing; Long Beach, Atwater Village, and Glassell Park are to come over three July and August Sundays. Buildings, landmarks, history, and local tales are all thrown into the tasty concoction.

The Architecture and Design Museum is the good institution behind this good event.

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Cost per hike is twenty bucks, and each walk can last up to 90 minutes. You can buy all four, though, for $60. You should. 

Don't you want to be the know-it-all about your city when aliens finally descend from the nearest galaxy? Raise your hand and be their first LA tour guide. You could be, if you bone up now on all of our urban stories via our region's plentiful walking events.

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