Valentine's Weekend at The Huntington

Chocolate-dipped strawberries, romantic pathways, and more await, in San Marino.

Flowers and Feb. 14 have a few things in common.

Yes, very true, they both start with the letter F, which counts for something, so we'll make mention of it.

Petals are frequently red, yes, and the 14th day of the second month is often associated with the hue.

And if you find your way to The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, you'll discover the spirit of Valentine's Day in its restaurants, galleries, and out among the blossoms and buds.

For flowers don't simply arrive by vase or bouquet when the Love Holiday draws near; we can also go to the flowers, and find them in plentiful profusion, along with our paramour.

You won't, of course, have to call your honeybun by any fancy terms, such as "paramour," while you stroll around the San Marino landmark on Friday, Feb. 10, Saturday, Feb. 11, or Sunday, Feb. 12, though you may want to do so.

After all, a day spent at The Huntington, among the romantic statues and winding pathways, can make a person feel as though they've stepped into a passionate 19th-century novel.

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So before you find your parasol and Jane Austen-ready clothing, what's there to know about the three-day happening?

Well, a few things, but we'll begin with The Huntington's eateries. There shall be Cupid-"inspired" eats at 1919, and chocolate-dipped strawberries at Red Car, and sparkling wine, plus truffles, at the Rose Garden Tea Room.

The Camellia Show and Sale is also happening, which means there shall be plenty of petals for you and your paramour to admire together. (We went and used "paramour" again, but, you know, the 19th-century-esque feel of gardens can sweep a person away.)

And is there a special dinner on Feb. 10, 11, and 12? There is, dear lovebirds. And while your Huntington admission will give you access to the plants and petals during the daytime on those dates, you'll want to look into separate reservations if you're interested in the three-course Dîner Saint Valentin Pour Deux.

Two important asterisks to note before flying for San Marino on Cupid-like wings? The Huntington is traditionally closed on Tuesdays, every Tuesday, and Valentine's Day in 2017 is a Tuesday so... Don't arrive there on Feb. 14. Which is a Tuesday.

For not even Cupid will have access to the gardens that day. Because. It's a Tuesday.

Best start your Valentine's Day celebrations early, is what we're saying, which is a nice thing, because earlier means more loving feelings, more hugs, and so forth.

It's good.

The second good thing to know? The rain is expected to wrap up for the weekend, at least by Saturday and Sunday, meaning all of those succulents and shrubs and trees will be as fresh and as hydrated and as glistening as possible.

And you and your honeybun, more than likely, will not require an umbrella for your pre-Valentine's Day garden stroll.

We mean, it is always a fine idea to keep an umbrella handy; a sensible character from a 19th-century novel likely would. But the weather, if still slightly brisk, will smile upon lovers, and lovers of lovely places, over the weekend before Valentine's Day at The Huntington.

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