Vamoosed: Bullwinkle Statue Exits the Sunset Strip

Vintage LA reports the much-loved Sunset Boulevard statue has been removed.

Bullwinkle and New York City have a long and huge history. Very huge, given the fact that the mega moose has appeared as a balloon for decades, with only the occasional time-off, in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

But the animated icon and his friend Rocky the Flying Squirrel were also staples of the Sunset Strip, courtesy of a charming statue. That meant the popular duo could be seen year-round, not just on one day a year.

Yep, we were speaking in the past tense in that last sentence: The photographed again and again (and again) statue is now gone, reports Alison Martino's Vintage Los Angeles. Gone-gone, as in a crane came by to lift it, quite literally, into the air.

Rocky the Flying Squirrel really can fly, it turns out.

And the company behind the crane rental? Turns out it is Dreamworks, the current owner of the moosely property. The entertainment powerhouse intends to refurbish the statue, which has a serious crack and other cosmetic issues.

The colorful statue stood tall on Sunset Boulevard for over a half century. You know why, if you grew up on Fractured Fairytales: Jay Ward Productions, which made the loopy-di-doo, adults-love-'em-too 'toons, called the boulevard home. Remember Dudley Do-Right's Emporium right there? A favorite stop of kids and animation fans from everywhere.

The happy fact was that the Bullwinkle statue remained on Sunset long after "The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show" wrapped, a testament to fan love and quirky tourism. Pick up practically any guidebook featuring the area and you're bound to see Bullwinkle standing tall and proud in his collegiate sweater.

Hope to see you soon, Bullwinkle and Rocky, but we realize you've always been a duo enamored of adventure and high jinks. A crane-assisted exit off Sunset qualifies.

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