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Vegan Oktoberfest: Beer and (Vege) Brats Reign

Like your autumn party but with a plant-based twist? You're in luck.

There are many ways to hit the big time in our multi-channel, multi-everything world, but one of the truest signs you've arrived is when no less than The Onion turns its sweetly satirical light your way.

And you love it. In fact, you put it on your web site as a badge of honor. The Vegan Oktoberfest did just that when, in 2014, one of the best humor outfits around posted a funny piece about the Southern California-based festival.

Joke and josh and rib Vegan Oktoberfest all you like, however: It's a winner, and it is back for another big bash on Saturday, Oct. 3 and Sunday, Oct. 4.

And why wouldn't it work? Many people adore the annual autumnal rite but not the meatier, non-plant-based bites that traditionally come with it (think bratwurst, wiener schnitzel, brisket, and several other savory dishes).

Or, rather, they're looking for a fresh twist on that menu, with beer on the flow, and oompah music, and the wearing of Tyrolean hats, and the joys of bidding summer adieu with an accordion- and edible-packed party.

The party rolls at LA Center Studios, and there shall be a few dozen food trucks, some serving vegan-ready sausages and such, some serving a bevy of foodstuffs not necessarily Oktoberfest-y in nature. As for the suds end of the deal? Look for Bootlegger's Brewery, Sea Dog Brewing Co., Hangar 24 Craft Brewery, and several other foam makers, to the tune of 50+, to be on the grounds.

The Munich Boomsteiners shall transport the crowd, via songs and notes, to the beautiful base of the Alps.

But don't plan on buying that ticket at the door: You'll need to nab yours ahead of doing the chicken dance on your way downtown. Feeling the fun of the season but longing for a vegan version? Here it is, Oktoberfestians.

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