Vegan Taco Competition at Café Gratitude

The Larchmont location'll set the scene for this spicy, plant-yummy showdown.

Finding a tangy, zesty, hearty dish that's 100% vegan isn't too difficult in Los Angeles, but locating a festival that's fully devoted to plant-based deliciousness is another not-so-meaty matter.

Or, it was, at least, in the past. Nowadays vegan-focused festivities can cover everything from chili (there's an annual face-off at Tony's Darts Away) to a traditional Oktoberfest (look to LA Center Studios, which just hosted another plant-tastic autumnal affair).

With singular vegan celebrations popping up, surely there's a whole food-packed party devoted to that greatest of foldable foodstuffs, the lime-lovely, salsa-laden, I'll-have-two-more-please taco?

Why there is, and it is going to take place at that positive-minded stalwart of vegan gourmet cookery, Café Gratitude, on Saturday, Oct. 22.

Which Café Gratitude, in particular? The one on Larchmont. Is it a day-long dealie? Nope, you'll want to arrive at noon-ish (the wrap time is 3 o'clock). And are there multiple chefs providing the wide breadth of taco-centered bites?

There are, with nine chefs in all cooking, all to raise money for the Humane Society of Los Angeles. Ernesto Moreno of Café Gratitude will be part of the taco team, a group of culinary pros that include Chandra Gilbert of Gracias Madre and Summer Phoenix of Phoenix Family Foods.

A ticket to LA's Best Vegan Taco Competition is $20, which covers your "Tacos, GT's Kombucha, Beer & Cold Brew." There's music to nosh by, and, we'll surmise, socializing to be done, as that's the usual mood at the vibe-vivacious eatery.

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What vegan-focused festivals and competitions are still to come? Clearly single foodstuff showdowns are on the rise, so, fingers crossed, pizza, and subs, and other cuisines are on the way.

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