Ventura Harbor Village's Mermaid Month Is Now Ashore

Here's a tail to tell: The water-close district will celebrate the ocean icons all month, with an at-home way to participate.

Adriana Duduleanu/EyeEm

What to Know

  • March 2021
  • Local shops will feature mermaid-themed specials; there's a Mermaid Photo Booth, too, for quick pics
  • Want to join in from home? You might win a $50 gift card from Wild Local Seafood Co. (share a seafood recipe to enter)

You may never meet a mermaid while out on the ocean, but if it is March, and you happen to be in Ventura Harbor Village, you may find a few splashy odes to the mythical superstars of the deep.

For March is Mermaid Month around the Pacific-close district, and while years gone by have seen parades, gatherings, and a host of in-person, or rather "in-mermaid" events, the village is taking a different approach to the fresh-air'd fun in 2021.

Which means that there's an at-home component to enjoy, if you love cooking and are keen to share a favorite seafood recipe.

You might win a $50 gift card from Wild Local Seafood Co. if you do, too, which is as tasty as a plump shrimp dipped in cocktail sauce.

How to enter? "Follow both @VenturaHarbor and @wildlocalseafodco, share your favorite homecooked seafood recipe or “mermaid meal” in the comments, and tag two friends! (Bonus points awarded if you post a photo of the recipe and use #HomemadeMermaidMeal)."

If you do happen to call upon the village over the course of the third month, you'll want to study up on the mermaid-themed deals and specials at various shops.

Swan Peddle Boats are also giving families a way to enjoy the breezy air in a safe and roomy way. For a sunshine-laden spin out on the water? Such an outing may provide anecdotes for years to come, or at least a merry and memorable way to stretch a leg.

And speaking of safety? Ventura Harbor Village has posted its visitor-focused protocols, so do review everything on the "Seaside Safely" page.

And if you're simply seeking that all important outdoor photo opportunity to add to your social snaps?

There's a Mermaid Photo Booth, so don your favorite tail or shell crown and swim by for a quick picture through March 28.

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