Vibe to Hollywood Bowl's ‘5 or More' Deal

Buy a seat to five shows and score a sixth? It's as cool as fab music on a summer's night.

What to Know

  • Tuesday, March 12
  • Buy five or more concerts, get a sixth for free
  • One low fee for all tickets

Good things come in threes, it is often said, unless it is around the second Tuesday in March, and the "good thing" in question is a concert, and there are several concerts to choose from, and you'll be saving money.

Nope, that all doesn't quite trip off the tongue as succinctly as the ol' "in threes" chestnut, but when it comes to the Hollywood Bowl, good things definitely come in 5 or More.

That is, in fact, the iconic music venue's middle-of-the-sandwich deal, the part that arrives after tickets for the subscription series go on sale but just under two months before individual ticket sales begin.

Which is all to say this: 5 or More opens on Tuesday, March 12.

Which is also to say this: You can "Create Your Own" season via this deal (or CYO, if you prefer).

Which is also to say this: You'll want to buy a quintet of tickets to the Hollywood Bowl's 2019 summer season to make the deal's particular magic happen. 

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Buy five tickets to five concerts, or even more, if you're so inclined, and guess what? You know what, if you know this long-standing Hollywood Bowl feature: You'll get a sixth show for free.

There are things you should know, like the sixth show has to happen on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday, so be super-efficient, get a jump, and read all.

Also? Those individual per-ticket fees have transformed into "one low fee." It is always nice when a bunch of fees smoosh together to form a single fee that is lower than all of the fees would normally be together.

Also nice? If you decide to snap up an individual ticket on May 5, and by "snap up" we mean buy, of course, you'll get a crack at "best available seats."


Best available seats, one fee for 5 tickets (or more), and a sixth concert swirled into the beautiful sound stew? It's that time of year, Bowl buffs, for one true dazzler of a deal.

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