Visit Wendy's New ‘sCARe Thru Experience,' if You Dare

The spookiest season in Southern California?

You can count on the many imaginative creators who call the area home to come up with something new and strange, year after year after eerie year.

But no one suspected that Halloween 2020 would see a haunted handful of fast food drive-thrus, one of the quirkiest additions to this unusual Halloween.

The eateries are still creating orders and serving burgers, fries, shakes, and smiles, but they're including a side order of gentle scares, too.

A Wendy's in South Gate has becoming a "sCARe Thru Experience" in honor of this memorably offbeat Halloween season. You'll stay in your car for the experience, do keep in mind, takes place outside of the eatery.

Take a look now and get the details on visiting, if you're bold enough (and hankering for a Dave's Double, a Baconator, or a Chili Cheese Fries).

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Jordan Strauss for Wendy’s
The Wendy's "sCARe Thru Experience" is located at 8810 S Garfield Avenue in South Gate.
Jordan Strauss for Wendy’s
The hours? It's open from 6:30 a.m. to 3 a.m. PST on Oct. 30 and 31, 2020 (it debuted on the 29th).
Jordan Strauss for Wendy’s
"Vehicles will enter the “Scare Thru” drive thru via a giant bubbling cauldron," revealed the team behind the pop-up project.
Jordan Strauss for Wendy’s
What are some of the sights in-car visitors can expect to see? "The immersive experience will have visitors crashing a dinner party scene hosted by the Mad King, encountering a creepy clown and escaping from the clutches of spooky scarecrows and haunting jack-o-lanterns."
Jordan Strauss for Wendy’s
There'll be giveaways, too, so keep your peepers peeled in case your car is chosen.
Jordan Strauss for Wendy’s
Your food and drink purchases are additional, but taking in some of the frightful sights while seated in your car? That's complimentary. Sweet:" The first 5,000 drive-thru trick-or-treaters will take home a 'Boo' Book or FREE Frosty coupon for surviving the spooky experience."
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