Volunteer, Help, and Connect With the Community

So many places need your time, commitment, and can-do, give-back spirit right now; find opportunities around Southern California with L.A. Works.

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What to Know

  • L.A. Works
  • The organization has several give-back opportunities, including events related to the protests and COVID-19
  • You can pitch-in on a project or find a project to lead

Finding ways to help neighbors, to show we care, and to foster positive change?

Thousands of Southern Californians are longing for just that uplifting opportunity, but discovering routes to connecting with volunteer openings, and events that will raise our communities and create a brighter future, has been made more challenging by the pandemic and its closures.

But local volunteer organizations are looking for you, your talents, your empathy, and what you can contribute, whether you'd like to join in on Civic & Community efforts, Hunger & Homelessness, Family Services, or another area.

Those are some of the focuses of L.A. Works, the robust and large-scale organization that provides solace and support to so many Angelenos.

Current L.A. Works support is flowing to both the peaceful protests as well as those facing COVID-19 food shortage and crisis.

Several updates can be found on the organization's homepage, with new information appearing on the group's social media pages regarding up-to-the-minute volunteer needs.

Finding a project that matches what you particularly have to contribute to the community?

That's a possibility on this page, but you can also sign up to lead a project, too.

Rising to the moment? It's what Southern Californians feel the important impetus to do. Find out more now on the L.A. Works site.

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