Voodoo Doughnut: Portland Icon Goes LA

The offbeat breakfast-makery will make its SoCal debut at Universal CityWalk.

When you meet someone who hails from Portland, it is hard not to ask a few obvious, on-the-nose questions right from the get-go.

Like, does everyone adore Powell's Books? (That would be a yes.) Does it rain a lot? (Ditto.) Is "Portlandia" pretty real? (Some might argue that the TV series could even go further in its loving local parodying.) And have you ever eaten at Voodoo Doughnut? (It's a local icon, so probably definitely.)

It's difficult for a restaurant that's only located in a single city to break out, but break out Voodoo Doughnut did, and how. Cable shows regularly made pilgrimages, and the long-of-queue shop became a must-stop for anyone calling upon Stumpton.

The offbeat doughnutry now has an outpost in Eugene, and Denver, and Austin, too, and Los Angeles is up next on its pastry-powerful march.

Yep, that's right: Voodoo Doughnut is about to conquer California.

Where will all of those Bacon Maple Bars and Portland Creams and Tangfastic doughnuts land? At Universal CityWalk. When? This fall, which seems the most Portlandish of seasons, so nicely done, planning- and timing-wise, Voodoo Doughnuts bigwigs.

Lovers of frosting-thick treats can find the doughnut house near the 5 Towers end of the eating/shopping/entertainment destination.

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As for the flavors and names? They're marching to the beat of their own doughnut drummer, that's for dang sure. Yes, the Tangfastic has Tang sprinkled on it, and several sweet choices are of the more PG-13 variety, at least when it comes to memorable monikers. 

And will Arnold Palmer fans go for the Arnold Palmer doughnut, which indeed boasts a dusting of lemonade and iced tea powder? It's rare to find a refreshing lunchtime beverage in doughnut form, so one must seize the opportunity, and the pastry, when it arrives.

There are classics, too, such as cruellers and old-fashioneds, if that's your traditional pleasure.

Next up at Universal Studios Hollywood, before the doughnut shop debuts? "The Walking Dead" permanent attraction on July 4. 

Will you need to down a few doughnuts before entering the world of the hit horror series? You'll have your chance, Portland-loving people, come autumn.

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