Warner Bros. SoCal Deal Is Ready for Its Close-up

The limited-time offer shaves off the bucks while giving you a chance to see a working film studio.

Warner Bros.

What to Know

  • Warner Bros. Studio
  • Through March 4
  • $49.99

Whether you exclaim "that's so LA!" or "that's so SoCal!" or "that's so here!," you're likely coming across events, offers, and happenings that seem incredibly local by nature.

And two of those oh-so-local, only-in-LA things shine as brightly as a searchlight around the end of February.

One? It's Oscar time, as a quick roll down Hollywood Boulevard will currently tell you. Yep, the thoroughfare is still open to cars, but the equipment for the March 4, 2018 ceremony is arriving, and the street shutters for a week-plus beginning on the night of Feb. 25.

Two? Warner Bros. Studio Tour is bringing back its SoCal Resident Ticket for a limited time, which means you can get a ticket to the behind-the-scenes lot look-around for $49.99, saving a few bucks, if you order online.

That price is good through March 4, which happens to be the day of the Academy Awards. Easy to remember, no mnemonic devices required.

What will you see when you board the famous Studio Tour tram?

You'll visit places like French Street, where "Casablanca" was filmed (in part). The coffeehouse from "La La Land" is nearby, too. And you'll get a peek at some nifty film cars — "Batman" vehicles are in the spotlight — as well as several costumes from the "Harry Potter" films.

And at Stage 48: Script to Screen?

There are several you-try-it experiences, like posing in a forced perspective photograph, a la "Lord of the Rings," or flying on a broomstick, like a certain celebrated wizard. How scripts become movies, the Central Perk set from "Friends," and other spend-awhile sights and to-dos fill out the end-of-the-tour stop.

While Southern California doesn't possess a total lock on the movie business, this is the home of the Oscars. And while we don't have a lock on attraction tickets that are specially priced for locals, we do kind of rule in the whole famous and historic studio lot realm.

Meaning we're truly in a "that's so LA!" moment, this time of year, for Southern Californians to score SoCal-themed deals at one of the best-known film-creating wonderlands around.

Check now to see if your zip code applies, and the other must-knows for this movie-lovin' local deal.

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