Warner Bros. Tour: SoCal Deal Returns

Call the area home? Book your ticket to the behind-the-scenes studio look for $49.

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Warner Bros. Studio Tour

You never know what season it'll be on Midwest Street on the Warner. Bros Studio backlot.

It could be springtime, with buds lining every branch of every tree. It could be autumn, with golden and red leaves fluttering in the breeze. Or wintertime might reign, with snowy boughs dominating the scene.

Of course, it might be a little of each, too, as a television show or movie makes way for a new production to take over the popular backlot area.

That's just one slice you may peek at on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, the behind-the-scenes, see-the-backlot, see-a-soundstage look at the Burbank-based movie and television studio.

There might be filming, too, on Midwest Street, which means your tram'll need to skirt the area, but you can bet that A) everyone on the tram will crane their necks for a peek at just what is shooting and B) there are more great sights to see along the tour.

And if you're a Southern California resident, those great sights will get a pinch greater from Monday, Sept. 11 through Thursday, Nov. 30: The SoCal Resident ticket is back for $49 ("a savings of over 20%").

There are just a handful of blackout dates during the run, and you'll need to visit by Dec. 16, 2017. The zip codes to know, to score the deal? If you live in 90000 to 93599, you're good to go.

What's there to see beyond marvelous, season-changing Midwest Street? Watch for a new "Wonder Woman" exhibit, and a visit to the jam-packed Prop Department, the home to oodles of different kinds of lamps and chairs and telephones and all of the essential stuff that fills out an on-the-screen scene so authentically.

You'll be able to wander by costumes from the "Harry Potter" films, too, as well as "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them."

A final, tour-ending visit to Stage 48: Script to Scene is a Hollywood-fun highlight, too, with its special effects experiences and "Friends" Central Perk set (yep, you can pose for a photo).

No big plans or trips before the end of the year? Consider a Tinseltown-style outing, in Burbank, this fall, especially if you've got some true film fans in your life. 

But what season will it be on Midwest Street? Autumn, like it is outside, or winter, or spring? The trees around the backlot and other details will tell the tale of what has recently filmed there, or, at least, what season it was during the filming.

Movie magic, indeed.

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