Watermelon Skiing Has to Be Seed to Be Believed

The California Watermelon Festival is back, and so is its most memorable competition

What to Know

  • June 29 and 30, 2019
  • Hansen Dam Soccer Fields in Lake View Terrace
  • $15 adult; $10 child; $10 parking

Throwing together a succulent dish that involves numerous watermelon chunks?

You can easily do that, if you have two or three ingredients that go well with that joy-bringing, super-juicy football of a fruit.

Carving a watermelon?

Also not too difficult, if you've ever fashioned a jack o'lantern in the fall.

But stepping into two melon "skis" that are comprised of mostly hollowed-out rinds seems like a far more challenging watermelon-based pursuit.

And yet a number of adventurous souls will step into those squishy shoes. All to see if they can master the art of watermelon skiing, at the annual California Watermelon Festival.

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The hydrating hijinks will bloom, like little green orbs on a young vine, at the Hansen Dam Soccer Fields in Lake View Terrace on June 29 and 30, 2019.

Beyond the competitive spirit of the weekend, there shall be plenty of culinary-type events, like a demo of watermelon drinks, watermelon salads, and watermelon pickling.

Oh, and yum, all of those demos include tastings, too.

Speaking of snacking upon good things, there will be watermelon slices to munch, and there will be a lot of them, and they will be available all day long, whenever you like, from 10 a.m. to 10 at night.

How many slices can you eat? Have you finished a whole watermelon in your time?

If you're a true-blue, we mean a true-red fan, even biting into the surprise seed can't slow your munching roll in the watermelon department.

Live bands, a Kids' Zone, BMX bike stunts, a costume contest, an appearance by the Guide Dogs of America, and magic are some of the other ways to have a rind, er, fine time.

And hey: There's a melon throne, for photo-opp-ing, if that fruits you.

Suits you, we do mean.

A ticket is $15 for an adult, ten dollars for a child to enter, and parking is ten bucks, too.

Who says you can't ski in the summer? As long as there's grass under your feet and a pair of melons nearby.

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