Wear an Ugly Sweater, Nab a Free Pie Hole

Enjoy a complimentary "two-bite pie" at The Pie Hole, if you show up in outlandish holiday wear, on the first day of winter.

The Pie Hole

What to Know

  • Friday, Dec. 21
  • All The Pie Hole locations
  • One free Pie hole for each customer decked out in holiday wear

What do we actually achieve when we wear an ugly holiday sweater?

A) An impish joy that comes from walking a weirder fashion road.

B) Compliments, and a few cocked eyebrows, throughout our day.

C) A free Pie hole, The Pie Hole's recently introduced "two-bite pie."

The answer, of course, is "all of the above," at least if the date on the calendar happens to be Friday, Dec. 21, 2018. 

It's the first day of winter, meaning anything from the sweater family is appropriate, as is the consumption of pie.

And given that Dec. 21 is the Friday before Christmas, you can count on several office and non-office parties taking place, making the urge to ugly-up your holiday sweater look even greater.

So, you're boldly rocking a sparkly sweater with a glowing candy cane on it, you're loving the winter solstice, and you require two bites of delicious pie, pie that comes in flavors like Mexican chocolate and Nutella.

And you'd love to score that small pie for free.

What next?

Find your nearest Pie Hole pie shop, show off your outlandish and seasonal sartorial look, and bite into the pay-nothing Pie hole you're handed, with gusto.

And, yes: The boutique pastry chain's new Pie holes do have a little "h" in their name, but they're mighty major in the flavor department.

Ugly holiday sweaters are forever, as are small and snackable pies, but this offer is only good on one day, and one day only: Dec. 21, 2018, so slip into that eye-testing Santa sweater and go get your free Pie hole, pronto.

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