Weekend: Dapper Day at Disneyland Resort

The stylish, dress-up affair returns to The Happiest Place on Earth.

Dapper Day: Dressy occasions do seem to arise as the holidays draw closer, but one of the dressiest around is already here. It's Dapper Day, and it shall again sashay through The Happiest Place on Earth. And sashay it does, for participants are dressed to the nines, and even tens, in beautiful frocks, handsome suits, and hats aplenty. You'll need a park ticket to enter Disneyland or Disney California Adventure on Nov. 4, of course, though visiting Downtown Disney is free. Also? There's an expo on Nov. 3 and 4 at the Disneyland Hotel.

Grand Ave. Arts: All Access: A free day of soaking up art along one of the grandest, and Grand-est, thoroughfares of DTLA? It's frankly fantastic, and the choices of what to see and soak in are plentiful. The cultural to-do will brim with "... rehearsals, architecture tours, museum exhibitions, performances, workshops, food and drink and kids' film screenings for all to enjoy." It'll be a mighty sunny and pleasant Saturday, on Nov. 3, so make for the Walt Disney Concert Hall area to revel in this pay-nothing goodness. 

Día de los Muertos: Revelries and remembrances continue this weekend, with a major display happening at Grand Ave. Arts: All Access. It's the beautiful altars of Grand Park, which are on view through Sunday, Nov. 4. Old Pasadena is celebrating Day of the Dead Weekend, from Nov. 2 through 4, with altars, live music, and calavera face painting. And skeletons shall party on Nov. 4 around Sherman Way in Canoga Park, so make-up, then make for this muerto-merry gathering.

Pumpkin Launch: How high, how fast, and how far can a seed-packed, notably heavy piece of fruit go? We're not talking apples here, or even oranges, but rather that star of autumn, the pumpkin. Science-cool teams will find out at this free, family-nifty day at Cal State Fullerton. Discovery Cube is part of the STEM-forward fun, which means there'll be activities and such to participate in, while you're cheering on the teams and their pumpkin-flinging machines. Food trucks? They'll be around, too, for this to-do happens around lunchtime, or 10 a.m. to 2 o'clock, rather, on Saturday, Nov. 3.

immerse(d): You know music moves you, inspires you, takes you to a different mind place. But on the forefront of sound and ideas, how is music weaving through health and technology? Ponder entering "an experiential space for sound enthusiasts" at Live House Hollywood, where the enjoyment of music will also be spiced with conversations regarding the "therapeutic aspects of sound." The date for the to-do, which is presented by SUBPAC? Flow over to Live House on Saturday, Nov. 3. Tickets? Here.

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