Weekend: Disney's Food & Wine Fest Opens

Savory offerings, spirited sips, and Mickey-shaped treats are on the line-up at Disney California Adventure.

David Nguyen/Disneyland Resort

What to Know

  • Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Fest in Anaheim
  • The festival takes place daily from March 4 through April 26, 2022
  • A reservation and ticket to Disney California Adventure is required; food and drinks are extra

Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival: Peanut Butter & Jelly Mac, Petite Avocado Burgers, Mickey-cute treats... this multi-week foodie festival, which runs from March 4 through April 26, boasts special treats galore. But wait: There are a host of celebratory events, like the Carthay Circle Winemaker Receptions, and culinary demonstrations, too. Live music ups the happy atmosphere, and other goings-on will fill out the savory-and-sweet schedule. You'll need a ticket and reservation for the theme park, and your yummy bites and beverages? Those are separately priced.

Dragon Boat Festival: A day spent around Marina del Rey always possesses beauty, and often music, and plenty of water-fun scenes, too. But all of those particularly effervescent aspects will feel strong, and more drum-tastic, when dragon boats sail into the harbor area. This is the first-ever Dragon Boat Festival for Marina del Rey, and over 40 teams are expected to compete in the splashy showdown, which can trace its heritage back over the centuries in China. Adding to the excitement? A drummer on each boat, keeping tempo. Food trucks will be out, and live music, too, for the March 5 event.

First Fridays: Science talks, deep discussions, the pondering of prismatic and complicated ideas? You're into it all, all of it. And when the science-fun focus can take place at an acclaimed science museum, along with live music, DJ tunes, adult beverages, and the chance to wander the galleries, where mega dinosaur bones await? Oh yes: The science excitement, or sci-tement, if you like, rises. First Fridays at the Natural History Museum is all about these very things, and it is back, as an in-person event, on March 4. Plants, and some of their psychedelic qualities, will be a topic, and pop-up learning is woven through the evening, too. A ticket? It's twenty bucks, if you're not a member.

The Flower Fields: It's weekend #1 for this Carlsbad stunner, which is always open (always, always, always) from March 1 through Mother's Day. It's a handy window to remember, but you'll also want to remember this, as you plan your visit (and procuring that advance ticket, especially on the weekends, is smart): Peak bloom often arrives at some point April, if you'd like to spy several million Giant Tecolote Ranunculus in full, Technicolor burst. You won't need to wait for April, though, for all of the offerings at the attraction, which include super-cute activities like a Sweet Pea Maze. Yoga, flower crown workshops, and other delights are listed on this calendar.

Dana Point Festival of Whales: Some of the planet's largest animals don't throw their own celebratory parades, or at least not that we are aware of, which means it is up to we whale-loving landlubbers to shower the love on these large 'n lovely icons of the deep. And Dana Point, a sunny centerpoint for whale-watching tours, takes time out each March to honor those blowhole-y beauties with a parade, educational events, and a lively line-up of on-shore happenings (and, yes, opportunities to go out on the water, to possibly spy migrating whales, for a fee). The March 5 parade is free, as are a number of events during the weekend-long lark. Whales, we love you so, and so do the cetacean-supporting, parade-hosting, ocean-adoring citizens of Dana Point.

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