Weekend: Free Festival of Flight

Aeronautics aficionados'll come in for a landing at Long Beach Airport.

Festival of Flight: Getting to hang out among amazing wings and wing-loving fans, all for free? It's a dream that'll find lift-off for numerous plane fans as this pay-nothing event returns to Long Beach Airport on Saturday, Nov. 4 from 10 a.m. to 4 o'clock. Note that the aircraft will be "static," and that this isn't an up-in-the-sky plane show, but rather a way to learn more about flight from our spots on terra firma. Vehicle displays are part of the event, too, as are on-site food trucks and a beer garden.

Día de los Muertos Festival: A number of locations around the region continue to celebrate the spirited and sweet stretch that is a hallowed hallmark of early November. If you haven't viewed enough marigold-covered altars, donned your calacas costume, or sung the songs honoring those who've passed on, consider a visit to Canoga Park, where a large and full-of-life fiesta will take place on Sunday, Nov. 5. As for the glorious Altars + Art Exhibition in Grand Park? That's still on view, too, through Sunday, Nov. 5.

Ice at Santa Monica: True, the brrr-inducing rink at the corner of Fifth Street and Arizona Avenue opened on the first of November, but its first weekend will surely summon a number of eager skaters looking to get a jumpstart on holiday outings. The weather will remain chilly, and even damp, giving those on-the-rink twirlers a chance to show off their cutest snowmen sweaters way ahead of December's arrival. It's open on both Saturday, Nov. 4 and Sunday, Nov. 5 for your pirouetting pleasure. Tickets and info? All on the site.

Dapper Day: Frocks, suits, hats, parasols, and gloves? They'll be some of the sartorial elements seen around the Happiest Place on Earth on Sunday, Nov. 5. This twice-a-year gussy-up gathering is all about doing it up at Disneyland. If you go in the parks, you'll need a ticket, but swanning about the hotels or Downtown Disney in your favorite fancy outfit is free. Good to know? The Dapper Day Expo takes place on both Nov. 4 and 5 at the Disneyland Hotel, so swan by to stock up on jewelry, scarves, and other vintage finds.

Discovery Cube Pumpkin Launch: How far can a sizable gourd rocketed from a trebuchet fly? It's the question of the day at this science-amazing event, a big-idea'd meet-up that's all about flinging pumpkins through the air. The Discovery Cube has once again teamed up with Cal State Fullerton for this free fun time, and anyone is invited to come out to the athletic fields of the school to watch the unlikely, slightly surreal, and ultimately fantastic scene of squash taking to the sky. How do pumpkins fly? It starts with planning, engineering, and a lot of gumption. See for yourself on Saturday, Nov. 4.

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