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Weekend: LEGO Fans Click in Pasadena

Bricks LA offers builders oodles of bricks to play with, panels to learn from, and several amazing structures to admire, too.

Dinendra Haria/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Bricks LA: How many LEGO bricks do you currently have in your home right this second? Dozens? Hundreds? And amount that would drop any jaw? Whatever level your passion is at, you'll find inspiration, and fellow brick-clickians, at this structure-filled, whimsy-deep convention. History panels, speed builds, and other colorful collaborations are on the schedule. Need ideas for the bricks you received over the holidays? Click.

Cool Camellia Celebration: Winter temperatures are back, at least for awhile, reminding us that we're actually weathering the chilliest season. Flowers, however, bloom even then around Southern California, and few flowers can match the camellia for general kapow, especially in the realm of bright color and petal-packing beauty. Descanso Gardens will honor one of its best-known blossoms, all weekend long, with walks through the Camellia Collection and more goings-on.

Barbie 'Totally Throwback' Tour: Plenty of classic toys emerged from plenty of gift boxes in recent weeks, but few can match Barbie for ultimate, super-famous, everyone-knows-her celebrity. She's an icon, and turning 60, and to celebrate, there is the Barbie Pop Up Truck, a special, on-the-go shop full of special merchandise. A bonus? The items have a vintage spirit, giving you extra '90s cred. It's in Glendale on Jan. 11, and Valencia on Jan. 18, for this big anniversary to-do.

Pageant of the Masters Tryouts: While plenty of auditions happen each day around Los Angeles, there aren't that many SoCal come-and-perform opportunities for people who aren't professional thespians. There is, however, a major opportunity: Standing still, in a recreated, on-stage painting, at the annual tableaux vivant production in Laguna Beach. It's opening on July 8, but tryouts for volunteers are scheduled for Jan. 10, 11, and 12.

Smorgasburg LA Returns: Many weekly events go dim or dark over the holiday season, which means that devoted regulars must hem, haw, and then hem some more while awaiting the events to return. One of the biggies on the munch-around scene is doing just that, on Sunday, Jan. 12. It's the booth'd-out wonderland at ROW DTLA, the food-and-more market with the free admission. Ready to get back in the snack-and-discover swing of things? You can, oh yes and oh yay.

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