Weekend: Midsummer Scream Lurks in Long Beach

The everything-eerie extravaganza will again rock the Hall of Shadows, oodles of eeky vendors, and pernicious panels.

Midsummer Scream: The pumpkins are fattening on the vines, bags of candy corn are appearing down at the Five & Dime, and the largest Halloween convention in this quadrant of the galaxy is ready to eerie-up the Long Beach Convention Center with two days of perniciously entertaining panels, theme park previews, wicked vendors galore, celebrities of the scare sector (hello, Elvira and the man behind the Crypt Keeper), the massive and monster-packed Hall of Shadows, the dressily devious Grim Grinning Gala, and a lot of spirited love for the Haunted Mansion's 50th anniversary. Materialize at the eeky expo on Aug. 3 and 4. 

Mustard Ice Cream Pop-up: Two things that currently could actually be in your fridge/freezer combo? Mustard on the refrigerator side and ice cream near the ice maker. But putting those classic together in one unusual treat? It probably hasn't occurred to you, or anyone else, for that matter. But it did occur to the people at French's, and at Coolhaus, too, which means you can enjoy a scoop of mustard ice cream at the Coolhaus in Culver City over the first two weekends of August. Yep, it'll be yellow, for sure, it'll be tangy, um, should you slather it on a hot dog? We'll leave that one to you.

Summer Drive-In Nights: Watching movies in your car isn't just a vintage pleasure of the past. There are still permanent drive-ins, here and there, thank goodness, and the occasional pop-up situation that captures all of the cool and flavor of the drive-in experience. That's about to happen, from Aug. 1 through 10, on select nights, at Lake Balboa, as the My Valley Pass people set-up a cinema-under-the-stars experience. "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is up first, but Harry Potter and "The Goonies" will also cameo on the huge screen. Who will be in your automobile? Just your besties, not the resties, we hope.

Avocado Fest: California Grown: So you're all about the alligator pear, on your salads, on your sandwiches, in your... beer? Well, you may not have mulled that pairing before, but you will, if you call upon Angel City Brewery on Aug. 3 and 4. For it is time again for the Arts District destination to celebrate is yearly avocado-themed beer, which is, yes, a hoppy libation that has notes of creamy green-a-tude to it. And speaking of creamy green-a-tude? Avocado-themed food will be part of the festival, as will games, tunes, and more. And, hold up: There'll be four avocado ales making the scene, oh yum. 

Old Spanish Days: Traveling back to the Golden State of another era can be done any time you pick up a history book, or watch a documentary, or call upon a regional museum. But there's a living way that's full of vibrancy, too, should you want to make the journey to the past with music, dance, food, horses, and more in tow. It's this esteemed Santa Barbara celebration, a multi-day party that will turn 100 in just a few short years. The Children's Parade, flamenco presentations, thrilling riding, mercados, so much delicious food, and a slice of the Santa Barbara of yore are all part of this famous fest, which trots through Aug. 4.

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