Weekend: Nisei Week Celebration

The famous Ondo dance will help to finish the festive week-plus party.

Nisei Week Japanese Festival: The historic week-plus festival will soon wrap, but not without time spent on one of its most beloved hallmarks: Ondo street dancing. The picturesque performance happens just before the Closing Ceremony, so be sure to be in Little Tokyo well ahead of 4 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 27. There's festival fun earlier in the day, though, and on Saturday, Aug. 26? Prepare to marvel at the Day-Lee Foods World Gyoza-Eating Championship. There's still so much Nisei Week to come, so peruse all of the parties.

Cardboard Yacht Regatta: Rowing a boat made of corrugated cardboard and duct tape across the length of a good-sized swimming pool? Plucky, adventurous teams will see if they've created vessels that withstand water on Saturday, Aug. 26. It's a late-summer tradition at the Annenberg Community Beach House pool in Santa Monica, and one that brings out cheering spectators as well as those kids and grown-ups who worked on some really stellar cardboard ships.

Coaster Campout: Spending the night in a famous theme park seems like the storyline from a summer blockbuster, but it is set to happen, for real, no joshing, at Knott's Berry Farm on Saturday, Aug. 26. Fun happenings are planned, and, yep, participating families'll snag admission to the park, in addition to camping privileges in the Park Pavilion area. And who is that delivering the wake-up call on Sunday morning, Aug. 27? Why it is Snoopy. Oh yeah.

"Back in Circulation": Libraries aren't generally known as places where undulating, leaping, and twirling are common activities (the famous scene in "The Music Man" notwithstanding), but the Glendale Public Library Central Library will serve as a stage on Saturday, Aug. 26. The Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre, which is known for site-specific performances in unusual spots, is behind the presentation. It's free, but you'll want to make reservations.

Save the Kittens: Learn how to foster a furry, whiskery, soft-nosed little creature over the Aug. 26-27 weekend at a number of locations. Los Angeles Animal Shelters, Stray Cat Alliance, and Best Friends Animal Society of Los Angeles are the organizations helping pair first-time fosters with the knowledge they need to temporarily love upon a growing, paw-cute kitty. And, of course, perhaps pair them with the first animal they'll foster, too. Details? Meow.

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