Weekend: Politicon, ‘The Unconventional Political Convention'

Wearing your red, your blue, or some non-partisan pants? Check out the light-hearted (but quite) serious gathering of politicos in DTLA.

Politicon: Regardless of what side of the aisle you stand on, or whether you're somewhere in the aisle, or you're way outside of the building, this much is true: You want to be heard. We'll also surmise that you'd like to listen, and understand, and learn, which is where the non-partisan "Unusual Political Convention" comes in. A whole caboodle of thinkers, writers, podcasters, performers, and political satirists will talk and get very, very topical at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Oct. 20 and 21.

AIDS Walk 2018: Whether you've joined a team or are walking as an individual or supporting someone you love, you can play a part in this venerable show of community, understanding, and acceptance. Be at Grand Park, for the start and finish of the 10K walk, on Sunday, Oct. 21. Can't make it? There are ways to give. Do so now, and help APLA Health, an organization that seeks to "... achieve health care equity and promote the well-being of the LGBT and other underserved communities and people living with and affected by HIV." Here's where to start.

Los Angeles Archives Bazaar: Even if you were to travel a long road into our city's past, you can't know every story, every character, and every "why/how" that LA is built upon. But? You can try, or at least make a good go of knowing a few local corners of the LA story very well. This free annual happening at USC's Doheny Memorial Library gathers together a host of history-minded groups for a day of research, workshops, panels, and more, all with a single focus: Sharing the backstory of our behemoth-big, utterly fascinating megalopolis. Be there on Oct. 20.

Long Beach Zombie Festival: Are you super-into shambling about, while uttering monstrous moans, while in public? There are others out there who share your otherworldly vibe. Join them at Shoreline Village, and The Pike, for three spooky zombie walks on the nights of Oct. 19, 20, and 21. The walks are all part of the larger festival, which is lurking around Rainbow Lagoon on those same dastardly dates. Want to learn more about zombie make-up, join a zombie scavenger hunt, and revel in the eerie universe of undead fandom? Shamble over here for tickets.

EastSide Food Festival: Hopping around dozens of restaurants and bars, even those found in the same general neck o' the woods? That's going to take time, but visiting over 35 of them, in one storied spot, on a Sunday afternoon/evening? Rather quicker, if you like to get to know cuisine-mastering favorites in one tasty swath. There shall be beverages, too, at the party, which is spreading out at Mack Sennett Studios. There's a VIP Happy Hour, too, if you want to go in that drink-fancy direction. Details on the Oct. 21 food-tacular? Tuck in your napkin now and read on.

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