Weekend: Ren Faire's Knight-Filled Days Begin

Calling all knights, jesters, and queens: The Irwindale lark is shining its armor over the next several weekends.

The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire opens: M'ladies and m'lords, it is well and truly a goodly start to the bloomingest season when this multi-weekend lark clip-clops into the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwindale. And clip-clop, it shall, beginning on April 6. Theme weekends? What-ho! There shall be many, including one devoted to pirates, arrr. Vendors, songs, performances, and royal sightings are part of this olden-tyme to-do, which attracts revelers from all over this magical and merry land. Be there any/every weekend from April 6 through May 19.

I Like Scary Movies opens: Do you like scary movies? Like, a bunch? Enough to step inside the world of one, all to snap a few atmospheric images with or for your friends? Best find your inner bravery and make for the Miracle Mile, where this artistic ode to five films from the Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema catalogs is opening. Artist Maximillian is behind the offbeat and over-sized installations, which include eeky nods to "The Shining," "It," and other frightful faves. Through mid-June, select dates, info here.

Oh Goodness, It's Corgchella: What do you call hundreds of corgis running around near the surf, some in costume, as oodles of adoring humans feed them treats, cuddle them, and squeal over every adorable thing the pups do? Well, "bliss" fits, but you can also refer to such an event as Corgchella, also known as SoCal Corgi Beach Day. Another one is coming up, on April 6, and while people and their corgis are invited, you can stop by, too, even if you're currently corgi-free. Also? "Honorary corgis," meaning non-corgi'd dogs, are welcome? The cost? Oh bliss again: It's free.

Foodie Con: So you're an adventurous dine-arounder, the kind of person who is waving her fork first when a fresh plate of unusual vittles is placed on your party's table. How to discover new dishes, notable tastes, and pros to follow? Make for Magic Box @ The Reef on April 6 and 7 for a colossal consumer show filled with flavorful products, tip-filled demos, and a food court, too. Note that it isn't considered a "sampling event," but some vendors will offer samples. Tempted? Need to chew upon more before heading for the door? Click.

"10 Things" in Tinseltown: You may know Hollywood as well as you know anywhere. Maybe you were born there, or live there now, or pass through it daily, or are reading this from the boulevard. But what, according to an in-the-know author, are the "10 Things to Do in Old Hollywood Before You Die"? That mystery can be delightfully solved on the afternoon of Saturday, April 6. The stroll-around will include a look at prominent murals as well as the oldest residence on Hollywood Boulevard. Way cool. Also cool? Getting a ticket. They're $45 each.

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