Weekend: Running Events Both Colorful and Kooky

Both The Color Run and the Redondo Beach 10k pound the pavement.

TWO FUN RUNS: We're almost kind of sorry that the words "fun" and "run" rhyme, because they're too often paired up when, really, they shouldn't be. But two major running events that definitely deserve "fun" at the forefront? The Color Run -- start clean, head home looking like a human rainbow -- and the Redondo Beach 10k, a costume-filled Super Bowl Sunday tradition. First one's up at Dodger Stadium on Feb. 2; Redondo runs on Feb. 3. Fun runs of the world? Let these two events inspire you.

LUNAR NEW YEAR CELEBRATION: February is going to have quite a few festivities welcoming the Year of the Snake, but this Pacific Asia Museum party is among the first. It's free -- and that's free admission to the galleries, too -- and full of lion dances, sumo demos and family-nice crafts and activities. And, yep, there will be food trucks nearby, so you don't have to leave the gathering for a bite. Saturday, Feb. 2

SCIENCE AND SEX: Is there anyone left in the whole "learning about science is stuffy and yawn-inducing" camp out there in the world? Or do we all understand that science is sexy? T-shirts for sale at the Natural History Museum's gift shop say so. Oh, and look at this: The Museum's party-rock First Fridays rolls on Feb. 1, with a science and sex talk by smartie Mary Roach. Talk title? Bonk. Oh please. You're totally going.

VINTAGE FASHION EXPO: When people talk about the mondo retro clothing thingamabob with all the stylish eyeglass frames and circle skirts and '60s-era shifts and bow ties, the one that comes around two or three times a year, this is what they're referring to. It's back at Santa Monica Civic on Saturday, Feb. 2 and Sunday, Feb. 3. Too bad it comes the day after the Natural History Museum thing, because that scene is stylish. Well, you can buy your duds for the next First Friday at the expo.

RIVERSIDE DICKENS FESTIVAL: Southern California has its share of 19th-century seminars, talks, and costume dances, for sure. People dress up and ye-olde the afternoon away, happily. But this long-running I.E. gathering is a full two days and full of tea-scented to-dos. And, yep, Queen Victoria makes a cameo, too. Call it a mix of scholarly Dickens hobnobbing and hoop-skirted high jinks. Saturday, Feb. 2 and Sunday, Feb. 3.

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