Weekend: Stained Glass to Free Outdoor Dance

Dance downtown at the Music Center and celebrate the great Judson Studios at Forest Lawn.

Kyle Mickelson/Judson Studios/Will T. Yang

What to Know

  • Celebrate Judson Studios at Forest Lawn on Aug. 21 at a free reception
  • It's Disco Night at the Music Center's Dance DTLA on Aug. 20
  • Plus: Night Dive at the aquarium, Summer Evening Strolls at The Huntington, a free soundwalk at LA State Historic Park

Celebrating Stained Glass: If you've ever admired a hue-strong, truly sublime window around town, chances are good that Judson Studios, the historic glass-making house, created it. Of course, the 124-year-old LA-based artisans create all sorts of stunning artworks, and several of those will be in the spotlight at "Celebrating Stained Glass: An Evening with the Art of Judson Studios" at Forest Lawn. Do RSVP by Aug. 20 for the Aug. 21 event, which will take place at Forest Lawn Museum, along with a free reception.

Disco at Dance DTLA: Don your mask, find your bell bottoms, and tie something glittery in your hair, for the Music Center is spotlighting the shake-it-shake-it sounds of the late '70s. As always with this free outdoor event, there'll be a quick lesson at the start of the evening, but no worries if you can't be there right when it starts (or perhaps your disco moves are well-burnished). This spirits-high series will be coming to its seasonal conclusion in a couple of weeks, so be there on Aug. 20 if you feel like you need to do "The Hustle" by the light of the nearly full moon.

Night Dive: Sauntering by tanks full of turtles, crabs, and fish-tastic fishery galore is always a soul-deep pleasure, but doing so in an after-hours setting, at a time when the Aquarium of the Pacific is usually closed? Call it soul-deeper, and call it a fine way for adults ages 18 and over to enjoy and support the Long Beach destination. Live music, DJs, art, and food trucks out front are also part of the Aug. 20 happening. Do note that the "exhibit lighting will begin to dim at 10:30 p.m. to ensure the animals get a good night's sleep" and the Lorikeet Forest will be closed. Tickets? Swim this way for info.

Summer Evening Strolls: Every nature enthusiast understands that the wilder world changes, minute by minute, and admiring a clutch of roses or a stand of noble oaks in the morning will be a different experience at twilight. The team at The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens is giving summertime saunterers the chance to explore that compelling concept via these later-in-the-day to-dos, which are all about savoring the San Marino destination's spacious grounds during a time frame when the gates are typically closed. There are strolls on both Aug. 21 and 22, the hours are 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., and you'll want to reserve in advance.

"32 Acres" Soundwalk: The chance to plug in your headphones and connect with a sunshine-laden location on another level doesn't happen all that often, but, as its many fans know, Los Angeles State Historic Park is a special and storied place. And for a couple of warm-weather months, a free aural experience called "32 Acres," which contemplates the open space, its place in our city, and the tales told there, will be available to those who'd like to experience the DTLA-close setting in a fresh and creative way. The soundwalk was made by immersive artist Marike Splint, and is available daily through Sept. 29, 2021.

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