Weekend: Travel & Adventure Show

Hit the road, or at least make for downtown, to gather info, brochures, and ideas for your next trip.

Travel & Adventure Show: Perhaps you've got a few maps spread out on the coffee table, or a postcard on the fridge, or a dream in your heart. It all leads to this: You'd love to take a trip, to an island, to a mountain peak, to the city down the highway. This mega convention gathers together a host of hotel companies, on-the-go experts, visitors' bureaus, and hospitality smarties for two days of tips, suggestions, ideas, and on-site activities. Feeling the itch to explore the world? Start at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Saturday, Feb. 18 and Sunday, Feb. 19.

LA Cookie Con: Also going down at the Los Angeles Convention Center over the very same dates? Follow your nose, and the scent of cinnamon and chocolate and sugar: It's a whole convention devoted to the yummy, palm-sized treats we love dipping in milk or eating just out of the oven. Cookie-making chefs, snickerdoodle-rocking bakeries, and a whole plethora of sweet-loving smarties'll be handing out zingy, melty goodies and giving bakers tips on how to make the most memorable snacks ever. Feb. 18 and 19

Queen Mary ScotsFest: If you know your River Clyde history, and you have some facts about the early 1930s in your knowledge well, you'll recall that the big ship that's at home in Long Beach, permanently, was built then and there. And each February the ship and its fans take a weekend to pay tribute to the ocean-liner's Scottish heritage through heavy athletics, whisky tastings, bagpipes, and more. Feb. 18 and 19 is that weekend, so don your kilt and jig for LBC.

Free National Park Day: The calendar only boasts a few days when the national parks that charge fees totally go fee-free, and Presidents Day happens to be one of them. There are more to come — April has four, in honor of National Parks Week — but if you want to commune with the trees, and wave at a stream, and hug a rock, and you want to do it in a park that normally has an entrance fee (not all do, do note), Monday, Feb. 20 is your date to do so. (Seriously. Hug a rock. Why not?)

TCL Chinese Theatre's 90th: Okay, granted, yes, we know: The famous landmark cinema on Hollywood Boulevard will actually celebrate its big 9-0 in May. But the party is starting early, as all birthdays should, with a special film series that features, wait for it, films that feature the theater on screen. Got it? It's pretty dang meta, and very charming. "Singin' in the Rain" is up first, for $5, on Sunday, Feb. 19. Surely you remember that the theater is at the start of the movie and at its heart-thrilling close? Surely you do.

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