Weekend: Union Station's 75th Birthday Bash

The landmark and National Train Day throw a free party. Toot toot.

HAPPY 75TH, UNION STATION: True, there are a number of train destinations called "Union Station" in this world, but there's only one that's reigned supreme as a frequent movie location. Oh, and in the hearts of Angelenos, who love their station's noble Mission-meets-Modern lines, airy spaces, and historic mojo. The station marks its three-quarters-of-a-century birthday on Saturday, May 3 with a free family whoop-di-do. A bonus? Amtrak is moving up its National Train Day to that day as well (it choo-choos on May 10 elsewhere around the nation).

CLAREMONT ZOMBIE RUN: If you've been to the scrubby, hillock-pretty Rancho Santa Fe Botanic Garden, you know one thing for sure: You don't want to meet the living dead when rounding one of the pathway's corners. That's exactly what will go down, on Saturday, May 3, when runners hoof it for the Red Cross and St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Zombies will attempt to grab flags off runners, so keep your eyes peeled, participant. Who's that behind you?

"TRUE ROMANCE" FESTIVAL: Directed by Tony Scott and written by Quentin Tarantino, 1993's "True Romance" wasn't just a boon for a bevy of actors -- hi, Brad Pitt in a memorable cameo -- but it served as a tent pole among a bevy of early '90s road-noir-love flicks (many of which it influenced). Is it one of your favorites? Fans'll gather at Burbank's Safari Inn -- yep, it's one of the locations in the film -- for the first-ever "True Romance" fest. Bronson Pinchot hosts. Dates updated: May 2 and 3.

NKLA ADOPTION FESTIVAL: Ever driven by the tar pits and seen a bunch of white tents and people on the ground cuddling small-to-large beasties? You're looking at this mega animal adoption gathering, which lands at Hancock Park with a single aim: Find homes for over 1,000 dogs and cats. Are you looking? Make for Wilshire Boulevard on Saturday, May 3 and Sunday, May 4.

KENTUCKY DERBY: A number of eateries and taverns across Los Angeles and Orange County will be tuned into the most famous two-minute race in all the land, but if you want big hats and bourbon times on Saturday, May 3, the Los Angeles Athletic Club has your number. Willie Jane's in Venice is going the mint julep route, with a screening of the clip-clop action from Churchill Downs as well.

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