Weekend: Valentine's, Presidents Day, Mardi Gras

February's major celebrations unfurl over one celebratory stretch.

One Long Weekend, Three Holidays: We know, we know... Fat Tuesday is, well, on a Tuesday, and doesn't technically get to be included in the Mondo Mid-February Long Weekend Stretch of Holidays. But since places around town are starting the bead-throwing, zydeco-stomping party early -- hello, Original Farmers Market -- Mardi Gras gets to be part of the weekend festivities. Kicking it all off, though, is Valentine's Day, which will be seen at tables-for-two at restaurants across SoCal. We suggest you take your honey swimming, because swimming on Valentine's Day, wow x 10. As for the Commanders-in-Chiefs? President Lincoln, President Washington, President Jefferson, and President Teddy Roosevelt will visit the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda on Feb. 16 (there shall be cherry pie in honor of Presidents Day). Also? The national parks are free to see all weekend long.

Historic Gems Re-Debut: How lucky are lovers of landmarks this weekend? (Answer: Majorly.) Both Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House, the home perched at Barnsdall Art Park, and Idle Hour, a posh tavern opening inside North Hollywood's famous barrel-shaped building, are re-debuting on Friday, Feb. 13. Hollyhock House has been closed for about three years for renos; 1933 Group is returning the Idle Hour to its early name (with swanky sips and eats in tow).

Edwardian Ball: Fans of illustrator Edward Gorey, and lovers of lace, brass, steampunk, corsets, parasols, theatrics, dramatics, aerialist, make-up, bustles, and everything ye olde shall promenade into The Fonda on Saturday, Feb. 14 for one very elaborate soiree (a soiree that boasts a side of merry wickedness). Need costume inspiration? The FIDM movie costume exhibit is now open, Tuesdays through Saturdays, through April 25.

Citrus Tours Open: The beautiful weather, so beautiful that we say "byooootiful" to folks living in colder places, drawing the word out, braggily, is to be enjoyed, because temperatures will soon dip again. One way to spend a gorgeous February day? Learning how tangerines grow, then taking a bag home. Tours open on Feb. 14 at Friend's Ranches in Ojai, and you'll learn lots, and enjoy orchard strolling, too. Hoo boy: It's so very easy to be braggy when citrus and sunshine are the standard setting 'round SoCal.

Oscars on the Way: We are a week out -- well, a week-ish -- from the Sunday, Feb. 22 Dolby Theatre gowns-and-statues-and-speeches spectacle cinematic. Want to get a jump on the Best Pictures? You can start on Feb. 14, at an AMC Theatre Best Picture Showcase. Find the participating AMC near you, then settle in for hours and hours of top-notch movie entertainment. Have they started rolling out the red carpet on Hollywood Boulevard yet? When they do, you and your Oscar telecast-watching opinions will be at the ready.

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