We're Dough-liriously Happy: It's National Cookie Day

Pieology has a special on, while you can sign up for a cookie-making course with a great local cooking school.

chocolate chip cookies.
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What to Know

  • Dec. 4 is National Cookie Day
  • Buy two Red Velvet Cookies at Pieology, priced at $4
  • The Gourmandise School of Sweets and Savories in Santa Monica is offering several online and in-person cookie classes

Cookies dot the calendar, from the Girl Scout goodies that pop up in the late winter, to the lemony, fruit-filled biscuits of spring and summer, to all of those apple-cinnamon temptations that show up in the fall.

But there's really only one day that's ruled by those dough-based delights, the milk-dippable or eat-'em-straight-off-the-sheet sweets: It's Dec. 4, which is National Cookie Day.

It's a well-timed celebration, without quibble, as home bakers are beginning to think about what snickerdoodles, or gingerbread bites, or mint morsels they'll be whipping up this season.

Even if you're not baking a few dozen delectables on Dec. 4, there are other whimsical ways to mark the munchable occasion.

Some cookie-cool spots will have specials on, like Pieology, which just brought back its Red Velvet cookie, and is offering two for $4, all weekend long.

Several places around Southern California are currently bringing back holiday-ready cookies, like Milk Jar, the Wilshire-based bakery. The shop's Peppermint Bark cookie is back in stock, delivering minty kick and "ooey-gooey goodness" for $3.50.

Akasha has a Hanukkah Cookie Box, which boasts confections like pecan snowballs and macaroons (both plain and chocolate-dipped).

And if you want to brush up on your own sweet-making skills?

The Gourmandise School of Sweets and Savories in Santa Monica has a number of in-person and virtual classes that cover cookies, including the ever-popular Teen Baking Camp, which returns later in December.

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