We're Flipping for This Tasty Crepe Deal and Recipe

The French Crêpe Company, an Original Farmers Market favorite, is sharing some make-at-home secrets.

Original Farmers Market

What to Know

  • Original Farmers Market
  • The Third & Fairfax landmark is open for food pick-up and groceries
  • There's a make-at-home video and written instructions, plus a buy-it-there deal for $10 (through Jan. 20)

It isn't often that you order a dish and then linger nearby as the chef puts your delicious meal together, ingredient by ingredient.

For starters? Few restaurants boast open kitchens, and encouraging guests to watch the meal-making process, interesting though it definitely is, isn't always high on a restaurant's must-do list.

But there is a place where you can admire the pros as they create the memorable cuisine you're soon to dig into: The French Crêpe Company at the Original Farmers Market.

And thanks to the masterful artists deftly working before the eatery's iconic griddles, watching a crepe come together is an act that is as enjoyable as eating it a few minutes later.

From the initial batter pour to the fascinating-to-watch flipping of the crepe, it's difficult not to be entranced by the process of cooking a pocket-perfect delight.

How, though, can you make one of The French Crêpe Company's best-known dishes on your own?

The Original Farmers Market series "Market Menu Favorites" is here to help home cooks.

The most recent entry in the series shines a spotlight on the beloved stand and its La Normandie Crepe.

There's a video and written instructions, with step-by-step instructions, if you'd like to give it a gourmet go.

Or if you'd like to go by the Third & Fairfax public market for a crepe that is warm, flavorful, and created for you to savor at home, that's possible, too.

This special, centerstage crepe, which includes chicken, mushrooms, and other appetizing additions, has a special price through Jan. 20, 2021: It's $10, a buck off the usual price.

For more deals, recipes, and more foodie joy, keep tabs on the Market Menu Favorites series, which will highlight other Original Farmers Market classics in the weeks to come.

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