We're Knott Even Kidding, It's National Boysenberry Day

And as luck would have it, the big boysen bash is on at Knott's Berry Farm.

What to Know

  • Tuesday, April 3
  • Knott's Berry Farm
  • Boysenberry Fest fun

Human beings, whether we know it or not, are forever seeking coincidences and almost seemingly magical confluences in our lives.

Our meaning here? We like meaning, and how events connect and interweave and bolster each other.

So what was the chance that National Boysenberry Day would occur in the middle of Knott's Berry Farm's famous Boysenberry Festival, the multi-week foodie festival that features over 75 distinct boysenberry-based bites and sips?

Well... the chance was as good as a boysenberry is purple, for the boysen-lovin' people of Knott's own calendars, and they know such important things, like when the national holiday for the theme park's most iconic foodstuff will happen.

April 3 it is, then, for National Boysenberry Day, but how to celebrate, beyond drizzling that boysenberry syrup in your pantry on every meal you eat over the course of the day?

The Buena Park bastion of boysenberryness has something fun on: They're asking guests to wear purple on Tuesday, April 3, and that's fun, and you can't say it isn't.

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Also? "A Celebratory Button," marking the tart holiday, will be yours if you ask for it at the Main Gate. It's a real "limited supply" type of goodie, so be there as early as a boysenberry is purple.

Oh, wait, we already made that reference. And is a boysenberry truly purple, or is the beloved berry sort of mostly purple, with a little blue and black and a dose of red, a hue that is so quintessentially boysenberryesque?

Discuss at will, boysenbuffs.

Get all of your National Boysenberry Day deets here, and get to Knott's, if you need the full Boysenberry Festival experience. (We said "deets" instead of "details," by the by, because we know you want to get to those boysenberry treats faster.)

The food festival continues after National Boysenberry Day wraps, so hooray, but not for too much longer: It says goodpie, we mean goodbye, on Sunday, April 8.

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