We're L'Oven SoCal's Heart-Shaped Pizzas

Are you also l'oven the idea of these oven-perfect pies, too? Find four flavorful heart-shaped pizzas that are just right for a Valentine's feast.

Mickey's Deli/Fresh Brothers

What to Know

  • CPK and Fresh Brothers have heart-shaped pizzas through Feb. 16
  • Mickey's Deli is serving up the holiday pies on Feb. 14 only
  • Mountain Mikes is offering the special pizzas all February

Taking a tour of every single tempting pizza pie that exists in a zip code that starts with the number 9?

Honestly? That's going to take you some time.

Years, even, and maybe decades. For Southern California is home to some hallowed pizzerias, classic Italian trattorias, and the sort of quality snack shops that'll sell you a super-quick, ultra-gooey, drip-it-everywhere slice.

Taking a tour of some of the spots selling heart-shaped pizzas on or around Valentine's Day 2020?

That's not going to take you a decade, or even a year, for only a few festive-minded spots are creating pizza pies boasting a corazon-strong character.

Maybe your own local shop is, and if so, mangia. Or you can make for the pizza-making places below...


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California Pizza Kitchen is doing just that through Feb. 16, as the chain does every mid-February, so swing by and order a thin-crust pie. Just be sure to request that its arrives rocking a heart shape. That's free, though, yep, have dough to purchase the pie.

At Mickey's Italian Deli & Pizzeria in Hermosa Beach, you can snag a heart-shaped pizza on Feb. 14 for $15.99. Also nice? These beauties are available for pre-order, if you want to plan ahead and surprise your pepperoni-obsessed paramour. Want toppings? They're $1.99 a pop.

Want your love of eating pizza together to last all February long? Mountain Mike's heart-shaped pizza offer is pushing it through the whole month. And, oh yes, there's an extra day in February 2020, which means there's an extra day for eating heart-shaped pizza.

And if you're at Fresh Brothers, and you need a noshable, sauce-laden, cheese-gooey way to tell a special friend how special you feel? There's a heart-shaped pizza for that, available through Feb. 16, the day after the day after Valentine's Day. And really, should the day o' love last all weekend long?

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