We're Loving National Puppy Day, Now More Than Ever

March 23 is the day when we celebrate younger pups. Have room in your heart for a new hound? Organizations need fosters and adopters.

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What to Know

  • LA Animal Services is open to foster and adopt, but the process has temporarily changed
  • Wags & Walks is seeking Crisis Companions
  • Pup people can donate to rescue groups like The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation and Dogs Without Borders

No one would dare say one word to you in disagreement or dissuasion if you've now made a daily practice of pausing once an hour, on the hour, to scroll through online puppy pictures.

For we're now in our #StayatHome period, in the face of COVID-19, and images of adorable animals are understandably offering us considerable amounts of comfort and cuteness.

We appreciated the cuteness before these challenging days, of course, but the comfort level that critters bring?

Several of us are appreciating it with new eyes.

Of course, you can choose to honor National Puppy Day, which is March 23, by fostering or adopting.

For sure, both LA Animal Services and rescue organizations around town regularly seek to house younger dogs, but all sorts of animals, including splendid senior dogs and a host of fabulous felines, need some human TLC.

LA Animal Services is still operating during this period, though the process of meeting a potential pet to foster or adopt has temporarily changed.

Visiting one of the six centers around town? You'll do that after finding a furry cutie online, and submitting an application, and then coordinating your in-person visit with a staff member.

Consider, too, that groups like Wags & Walks are also looking to place pooches right now. Can you be a "Crisis Companion" to a canine during this time? Find out how to make a loving difference in a Lassie or Laddie's life now.

And if you can't make a love match at this moment, keep in mind that donations to rescue groups like The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation and Dogs Without Borders help the pups they're caring for to continue to thrive as they await new homes during this unpredictable moment.

Are you spending National Puppy Day scrolling through sweet snapshots? A lot of us are, but there is action to take, too, either by fostering or adopting or helping a rescue group care for animals during this time.

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