We're Wagging Our Tail Over ‘Adopt a Senior Pet' Month

Heart tugs, warm scritches, and morning cuddles: LA Animal Services wants to introduce you to a senior pup or cat this November.

LA Animal Services

What to Know

  • November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month
  • LA Animal Services has a Senior for Seniors program
  • The program pairs pets ages 7+ with senior adults age 62 or older

<Scene>: You and your rescue cat or dog, relaxing on the couch.

You: "Can you tell me about your life before we met each other?"

Rescue Cat or Dog: Gazes deeply into your eyes, all to convey a rich backstory, one that has built their character, strength, and love for you.

You: "What a life you've led." Nose kisses and belly rubs follow. <End scene>.

Every animal lover remains curious about the critters that fortuitously enter their worlds, especially those beasties that have a few years under their (furry) belts.

These sweet animals have truly lived lives, in short, even as we humans sense, when we first meet and fall in love with them, that our own lives are truly just beginning.

The truth of it?

Senior pets possess oodles of backstory, character, and affection to give, and even if you'll never have a traditional dialogue while seated on the couch together, you know that they need you and you need them.

To honor those animals, and to help them find the forever homes, there is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, which happens all November long.

LA Animal Services is asking us to paws, er, pause and honor the month, either by reflecting upon what it means, or snuggling our own senior pup or cat, or adopting one before the month is out.

The department also offers a Senior for Seniors program, "... which matches senior companion animals (seven years and older) from our Animal Services Centers with senior adults (62 years and older)."

"Senior adopters also receive 50 percent off the adoption fee, and pets adopted from LA Animal Services already come microchipped, vaccinated as well as being spayed or neutered," shared the department in a staple.

Have you already met and found your eternal senior pet love via LA Animal Services?

The department wants to share in your joy.

Post a picture of your pet and tag it, all to spread the wonderful word of senior pet adoption. The tags to use? Go with #AdoptaSeniorPetMonth, #LAcitypets, and #LAanimalservices.

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