West Covina: Porto's Bakery's Next Location

It's the fifth restaurant for the much-loved Cuban savories 'n sweets stalwart.

Surely some wonderful innovator is working on a Porto's Bakery & Cafe app, the kind of app that can live on the home screen of your phone, ready to alert you whenever a new Porto's location is on the way (and, of course, to what neighborhood).

But such an app might not go far enough, if we're going to be honest. What we'd like to suggest is that an inventor build an antenna of some sort, shaped, perhaps, like a potato ball, that can sit in your kitchen and light up when there's important Porto's news.

And important Porto's news has just arrived, with all of the excitement of a dozen guava cheese rolls sliding temptingly into a pastry box: The fifth Porto's restaurant is headed for West Covina, joining the Glendale, Burbank, Downey, and Buena Park eateries as part of the Porto's familia.

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune revealed that the restaurant "could break ground... later this fall" following a 4-0 vote by the Planning Commission approving the tear down of the existing structure at 1360 W. Garvey Avenue.

That's right, the newest Porto's will move into a brand-new building, a massive space that's slated to stand two stories tall.

Amazing. Just when you thought no restaurant interior could be as spacious as your capacious love for the potato ball, one promises to come along and reflect the sheer size of your inner potato ball-based yearnings.

The company, which was founded in 1960 with a shop on Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park, has become a go-to Southern California mainstay for classic Cuban cuisine and a host of breads, pastries, and cakes. 

And, true, while there are thus far four Porto's around the region, you can currently buy a Porto's-made sweet at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Century City during the "Cuba Is" exhibit. 

That's on through March 4, 2018.

So what's the highly anticipated opening date on the West Covina Porto's? Look to about a year from now, give-or-take-ish, at this point in time, per the SGVT.

No fretting, though, as you pore over various calendars: You can still find your potato balls at a quartet of other SoCal spots, even as you plan to devour them, later in 2018, on Garvey Avenue in West Covina.

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