Wham-O Frisbee Scavenger Hunt

Keep your peepers peeled for hidden discs (they'll be close to the coast).


Finding a Frisbee on the beach?

It's a discovery that can feel as common, and as local, as coming across an interesting shell or bit of kelp, at least around Southern California.

After all, Wham-O, the nearly 70-year-old company behind the iconic toss-it-long disc, can claim roots in both South Pasadena and Carson.

And while parks, fields, yards, and other open spaces are solid places to break out the catch-air toy, our beautiful beaches remain an ideal friends-and-Frisbees destination, both in popular culture and real life.

Which makes what's coming up, right ahead, even more perfect. To honor the original Frisbee's 60th birthday, Wham-O is staging a Frisbee scavenger hunt along, where else, our Frisbee-fun Southern California coast.

So what are you looking for, exactly? Easy: Keep those eyes open for 12 original Frisbees. They'll be stashed, stowed, and hidden around our beach communities.

The scavenger hunt is a four-day deal, from Thursday, March 30 to Sunday, April 2, so jump into the search any time during that span. 

The best bit, besides finding a free Frisbee? There's a sweet and sunshiny aim behind this particular anniversary celebration: Wham-O wants to "...get kids and adults to unplug and get outside." 

Spring is here, the original Frisbee is 60, and spending an hour on the beach, with a pal and a free disc you found during a scavenger hunt, feels like the very best thing one could do with their free time.

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