Whimsical Shakes, Burgers Rock Umami's ‘Newmami' Menu

A Banana Matcha Shake has spiced Bacardi for the 21+ set, the Umami Fry-Me Combo includes several types of French fries.

Umami Burger

What to Know

  • The new items, as well as Umami Burger classics, can be found both its brick & mortar locations and the new ghost kitchens, too
  • A selection of spirited shakes are available, with or without alcohol
  • The Sunnyside Burger boasts both eggs and bacon

What can hold more: A playlist full of your favorite ditties or a burger with a line-up of lively toppings?

The answer is a playlist, of course, which means this: The particular combinations of ingredients, condiments, and add-ons that provide panache to a patty have to brim with beauty and/or intrigue and/or a memorableness that enhances the meaty experience.

Umami Burger has built a reputation for its whimsical layering of choice toppings, and that tasty tradition continues with its just-introduced "Newmami" menu.

Some of the updates include a fresh take on the Umami buns, as well as the special patty recipes.

There are Impossible burgers, too, for those who crave plant-based bites, and a line-up of signature favorites including a patty melt and pastrami burger, not to mention a hearty offering redolent with truffle.

And the Sunnyside Burger?

Call it a meaty mash-up of breakfast and the later-in-the-day meals: Bacon strips and a fried egg are two of the toppers, but the burger also rocks a four-ounce smash patty, truffle aioli, tomato spread, lettuce, and American cheese, too.

Hold up, though, fry fans: There's also a brand-new Umami Fry-Me Combo, which includes several types of French fries, including Sweet Potato Fries and Truffle Fries, on a single platter.

"We took this time during the pandemic to really reflect on our current menu offerings and take a deeper look on how we can continue to bring the most craveable burgers to our guests," says Vincenzo Rossy, Senior Director of Openings at C3, the parent company of Umami Burger.

"We wanted to bring back what the original Umami Burger fans knew and loved, while introducing fun and unique menu items to the concept."

The debuting delights also included dessert-y drinks, including a roster of spirited shakes.

You can order these goodies with or without alcohol, of course.

And, of course, the choosing of which one you'll go with seem as potentially difficult as making the perfect playlist.

Two temptations from the newly unveiled grouping of goodies?

A Banana Matcha Shake, which includes "... vanilla ice cream, matcha cream, banana, and whipped cream (add spiced Bacardi, coffee frosting, Coffee Nut M&Ms, and a tiramisu donut" is one pull-out-the-camera, prep-the-taste-buds confection.

And the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shake? Oh sweet spice: This one has "... vanilla ice cream, cinnamon syrup, sea salt, and whipped cream (add Fireball, cinnamon frosting, crushed Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, and a waffle)."

Where to find these fanciful takes on two classics of casual cuisine?

There are ten brick-and-mortar'd Umami Burgers serving the "Newmami" menu, as well as tried-and-true favorites, and 24 ghost kitchens.

The locations? You can find them in Los Angeles and far beyond.

Ready for more? Put on your go-to playlist, tuck in a napkin, and dip a French fry into the pool of tempting new menu items now.

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