Whisky a Go Go: New Streaming Channel

Couldn't get a ticket to your dream show? Couldn't even get to West Hollywood? There's a way to be there.

Livin' life as a through-and-through music fan has oodles of ups, the kind of big-moment experiences that range from hearing your favorite deep cut performed live to having your favorite singer call you out in the audience to having your favorite singer pull you on stage for a quick, Instagrammable duet.

But there are, of course, a few downs in La Vida Band Fandom, from losing the rare vinyl copy of your go-to album to learning of a dreamed-of concert the morning after it happened to not being able to attend a sold-out show at a legendary club.

This last letdown may permanently vamoose for fans of the Whisky a Go Go, including those include music mavens who live great distances from the famous venue's longtime Sunset Strip home. 

Shows from the club will now stream on Roku and Connected Television, with more platforms to come, reveals the LA Daily News. It's news that definitely from the cool beans category, but the beans get even cooler: Older shows of seminal acts will also be part of the service.

So if you caught Metallica there, and raved about the solos, strums, and sheer power of the night to all of your couldn't-make-it pals, they'll now be able to join you, in your home, to see it all over again.

Will you still go see the shows you want to see? Of course. If you had other plans, or couldn't make it, or couldn't find a ticket, can you still find the on-stage magic via a streaming service?

That's Whisky a Go Go's plan. For while finding some photos online is part of the post-concert ritual, or poring over the previous night's set list, being able to experience the sounds in a full, TV-ready way from a famous club is up there with re-locating your favorite album on vinyl, the one that somehow slipped behind the stereo for a few years.

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There are numerous ups in music fandom, and stream-ready rock from the Sunset Strip definitely belongs in that particular column.

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