Whittier Museum Will Host a Fleet of Vintage Hearses

There will be newer models, too, among the 27 funerary vehicles set to stop by the historical institution.


What to Know

  • Saturday, Oct. 30 from 6 to 10 p.m.
  • Free
  • The museum will host 27 vehicles, including a Dodge-made hearse dating to 1925

Finding the unusual opportunity to view several vehicles that all have the same meaningful calling? Elegant automobiles that famously share an incredibly important purpose, a purpose that is instantly understood by all who see them?

Such an opportunity is rather rare, at least when it comes to the hallowed world of hearses. For when we encounter a funerary vehicle, we quickly and quietly make way, out of respect.

The Whittier Museum & Historical Society wants to pay its own respects to the timeless vehicles, and give the public a chance to behold these noble-of-purpose icons from an up-close spot.

To make that happen, the museum will host 27 hearses and their owners on Saturday, Oct. 30. The four-hour event is free to attend, and you won't need to register in advance.

And, indeed, it is all happening outdoors.

If you own a hearse, keep in mind that the 2021 slots have now filled up, so you'll want to keep a watch for when registration opens in the fall of 2022.

Several decades will be represented at the pop-up exhibition, with the earliest example being a Dodge hearse from 1925.

The owners of the hearses will be nearby their vehicles, should you have questions about the flourishes and details often found on a hearse's exterior, or if various interior materials, including those used in a hearse's curtains, are chosen for their meaning or significance. Or anything else that you've wanted to ask but never had the chance.

Happening at the same time, inside the museum?

A haunted house presented the Haunted Rose. The eeks aren't for children, but rather for older guests, from the teen years on up. A donation is welcome at the door.

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