Will Ferrell-Lovin' Pop-Up Bar Headed for LA

It'll be here for 10 days (and we're not even mad).

There comes a time in each person's day when something small goes awry, whether it is a coffeemaker leak, or a misunderstanding over the last doughnut and who should eat it, or whether you truly actually 100 percent called dibs first on a particular seat of your friend's car.

And the only thing you need to decide in the moment is this: Will you think up a fresh bon mot to lighten the situation or will you quote "Anchorman"?

If you lean toward B), best don your polyester mix cherise-red blazer, find some pressed slacks and loafers, and groom your mustache, for you're about to sip a Chablis or Scotch in a bar inspired by the comical stylings of one Will Ferrell.

The name of the pop-up bar, which hails from New York City, will be recognizable to anyone who knows the KVWN-TV Channel 4 Evening News team from the 2004 mainstream-gone-cult movie: Stay Classy Bar.

That the venue will only be in town for 10 days may elicit you to exclaim "I'm in a glass case of emotion!," though perhaps you'll hold your burbling feelings in check and start planning a visit.

Opening date? It's the headline of this half hour: Dec. 5, a Monday. Dec. 15, a Thursday, is the closing date. The place is the TCL Chinese Theatre 6. And all of that should be read, in your head, in a Ron Burgundy-style staccato.

Eater Los Angeles reveals that Stay Classy, which opened in 2015 on the Lower East Side of New York, "became an immediate hit with the kitsch crowd." Of course, Stay Classy is festooned with a number of Ferrell-esque details, including beverages that recall his role in 2008's "Step Brothers."

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Which may remind Southern Californians that there was another recent Will Ferrell-inspired drink-related to-do on our shores in recent months, the Catalina Wine Mixer which was, yes, actually on Catalina Island in September 2016.

Perhaps we Will see more taverns homaging the comic around town? Who's up for an "Elf"-themed hot cocoa cart in the heart of Hollywood?

Ferrell fans, "don't act like you're not impressed" with that notion. And don't be surprised that it is pretty impossible to wrap-up an "Anchorman"-related post with an "Anchorman" quote, which is, as anyone knows, the only classy way to end it. 

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