‘Will & Grace' Set Visit: Universal VIP Experience

The hit show returned in September; now take a peek at where the laughs happen.

Any movie studio tour that pays a dig-deep visit to a bustling backlot is going to be an ever-evolving, forever-changing event, as backlots, as a rule, are always changing, thanks to multiple film and television productions ending and starting.

One of those notable starts recently arrived at Universal Studios, with the return of "Will & Grace." The NBC comedy series, which garnered 16 Emmy wins over its run, first wrapped in 2006, but that wasn't to be a forever kind of goodbye; Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack threw open the curtains again in September 2017 as the show returned for a 16-episode ninth season (with a tenth season renewal already locked up).

Universal's VIP Experience, a behind-the-scenes tour that gives guests "Exclusive Backlot Access," naturally took note of the presence of "Will & Grace" at the studio, and promptly folded it into the lively look at what goes into making a TV show.

Which all means this: People signing up for the VIP Experience will now "...have the unique opportunity to step onto Soundstage 22 on the Universal backlot to see first-hand where the sitcom revival is making history for a second time."

Neat stuff, if you're super-into the small screen and all of its fascinating inner clockwork.

But the neat stuff continues on the VIP Experience. Also included in your ticket? "(A)n expert Studio Tour Guide, trolley, unlimited front-of-the-line privileges to all theme park rides and attractions, entry to a reserved VIP lounge, and a VIP gourmet lunch prepared by the theme park's award-winning executive chef."

And scoring a chance to peek inside the Property Department further ups the feeling that you've passed through the silver or small screen into the world of scripts, call times, character arcs, and thickening plots.

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If you do love a traditional theme park visit, complete with a few thrilling rides, but you want to go deeper into how entertainment gets done in the day-to-day of a studio, complete with a "Will & Grace" set visit, nab that ticket at once.

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