Winchester Fans, ‘Unhinged' Tickets Are Now on Sale

The new Halloween season experience opens at the spooky San Jose landmark on Sept. 6.

What to Know

  • Winchester Mystery House
  • Sept. 6-Nov. 2, 2019 (select nights)
  • $44-$54

It is always more than a little October-y at the Winchester Mystery House, whatever the date on the calendar says.

And when autumn actually arrives? Or, rather, early September, which is technically when summer begins to slip into its fall fashion? The San Jose landmark, which is both historic and famously haunting, turns up the dial on its iconic October aura.

That dial is a bit different in 2019, thanks to the introduction of "an all-new, fully immersive horror experience," one that will take the place of the former flashlight and candlelight tours that fans could expect ahead of Halloween.

This fresh and fright-tastic offering is called "Unhinged," and tickets just went on sale, as August began.

So find your inner courage, and your desire to enter the famously rambling abode, which boasts staircases that lead to walls and windows built into floors.

"Unhinged," which runs about an hour, is a timed experience, with the first experience beginning at 6:30 p.m., and later shows stretching, sometimes, to near midnight, depending upon the date.

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The age recommendation? Be 13 or older, please.

The ticket prices? They range from $44-$54.

What you can expect? You'll "trespass into forbidden rooms of the house" that have "never been seen before on public tours" during the walk-through, which is billed as "suspenseful."

Will there be tableaux of the teeth-chattering variety, scenes that illustrate the house's more macabre and terrifying character?

Clutch the hand of your nearest and dearest, because you'll come across such spooky sights, as well "malicious spirits."

ThemeDream Productions is the outfit behind this theatrical, you're-part-of-it treat, one that will feel quite new to visitors who've participated in the flashlight or candlelight events. As for the writing? If you've seen San Francisco's "The Speakeasy," then you know you're in for a memorable treat.

Speaking of treats, Halloween-themed craft cocktails will be for sale on the property, so be sure to order a Corpse Reviver or Spiced Pumpkin Mule if you'd like a grown-up libation.

And while "Unhinged" runs over two months, it is only happening on select nights, so best alight on your ticket faster than it takes to walk up 13 stairs to nowhere.

You do know that 13 was Sarah Winchester's favorite number, yes? Like we said, it is always unofficially October at the Winchester Mystery House, but when September and October truly arrive, a spooky switch is flipped, making the whole phantom-fantastic destination even eerier.

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