Wings'll Flutter Further at the Natural History Museum

A few days further, that is: The Butterfly Pavilion has just extended its 2020 run by a wingful and whimsical week.

Claude LeTien

What to Know

  • Extended through Oct. 11
  • The interior spaces of NHMLAC are temporarily closed
  • If tickets sell out, sign up to learn when Spider Pavilion tickets go on sale

Flyers zinging into the fall?

At first glance, such a statement might bring to mind a falling leaf, the kind of beautiful symbol of fall foliage that gently tumbles from a tree, only to get caught in a breeze.

But there are flyers among us that also ride the breezes of autumn, and while these flyers might look like colorful leaves at first glance, they're actually beautiful, wing-rocking insects.

It's the butterfly we're talking about, a critter that might first bring spring to mind.

And while the Butterfly Pavilion, an annual offering from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, is typically a springtime sight at Exposition Park, families have enjoyed visiting it as summer 2020 entered its final weeks.

So much so that ticket sold out faster than a mourning cloak alights upon a flower.

Now word has fluttered in from the museum that the pavilion's schedule will be extended by a week.

The new closing date? Make like a Monarch, and move quickly, for the fresh final date is Oct. 11.

If the tickets sell out again, which they certainly will?

Be not blue, nature mavens: You can sign up to find out when tickets for Spider Pavilion, the other major pavilion on NHMLAC's schedule, become available.

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