Santa Monica

Winter's Outdoor Rinks Are About to Flurry Away

Say farewell to ICE in Santa Monica and Pershing Square's seasonal rink.

ICE at Santa Monica

What to Know

  • Final weekend for ICE in Santa Monica and the rink at Pershing Square
  • Skate rentals available at both seasonal ice rinks
  • Jan. 20, 2020 closing date

How long does it take you to do one full and complete circuit while out on an ice rink?

That is, if you're also grooving to the rink's rocking tunes, or chatting with a friend, or soaking in a few wintry sunbeams, or simply try to move one bladed foot in front of the other?

You've likely never challenged yourself to count your revolutions, but you never need do so, for pleasurable ice skating is very much about the sweater-warm, cocoa-enjoying, air-brisk pleasure, and not counting up numbers at the end.

But here's something that needs counting, at least when it comes to plotting how much time you have left this season to visit an outdoor rink: The hours remaining at your favorite pop-up rink.

For it is the middle of January, which means that some of the busiest ice-covered attractions will soon shutter.

Both ICE Presented by the Plaza at Santa Monica and Bai Holiday Ice Rink Pershing Square are Salchowing into their very last days of the 2019-2020, and both the ocean-close and DTLA rinks share a we're-closing-shop final date: Monday, Jan. 20.


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You can rent skates at both spots, which is handy, and there are still special events on the calendar, with a DJ night popping up at Pershing Square on Jan. 16 and a live performance by Cindy Paley & The Folk Experience happening in Santa Monica on Jan. 19.

Didn't get a chance to spin under the sun and/or stars this season?

ICE has a consistent way of axeling back into our atmospheres near the start of November, while the opening of the ice rink at Pershing Square traditionally happens around the middle of the eleventh month.

So circle November on the calendar, and stow your skating sweater somewhere handy, for the rinks'll be looping back our way faster than you can perform a backspin or Lutz jump.

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