San Marino

Wisteria Blossoms Now Purple-ing The Huntington

The draping flowers are going to town, bloom-wise, at the San Marino landmark.

Jenny Dettrick

What to Know

  • San Marino
  • Open every day except Tuesday
  • With paid admission (next free day is April 2)

Who'd dare pull focus from poppies, and their eye-popping reign, during the month of March?

No one would dare, is the firm and accurate answer.

And yet?

There are other spectacular sprays of flower fabulousness to admire, and one of the purple-est of the pack is currently adding additional beauty to the beautiful Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens as we near the middle of March.

If you know the bowers that are positively draped with vines at the San Marino landmark, you know that they grow mighty purple as the start of spring draws close.

Wisteria is the purple blossom we're talking about, and seeing a mass of tangly, flower-filled vines is one of the quintessential springtime sights of The Huntington.

Where to find this vivacious vine?

Follow the purple pop to the Rose Garden. The wisteria also makes a magnificent frame for the Japanese Garden, and visitors do linger on the loggia that sits between the two gardens, taking in the blooming vines and vista beyond.

Seeking fresh air, sunlight, and a quiet moment of peach on this Hump Day, or any day? The Huntington is open daily, except Tuesday, but keep in mind that the wisteria won't stay purple forever.

As far as other blooms go around the iconic gardens? So many pretty things are opening their petals right now: Take a look.

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