‘Wizard's Cauldron' Tickets Now Bubbling

The mid-winter pop-up will feature magical libations and a host of ensorcelled fun created for 21-and-over enchanters.

What to Know

  • Feb. 26-April 5, 2020
  • Hollywood location to be revealed
  • $35

The transformation from winter to spring can seem a little magical, even more than most seasons.

For fall and winter share some common chillier interests, while spring and summer revel in warmth.

But when little green things begin pushing through the cold soil, and flowers start to open in the brisk air, it can seem as though some nature-loving magician is nearby.

That wondrous window is the perfect time for wizards to gather, as winter melts into springtime, and so they shall, at least those robe-rocking enchanters who have journeyed around the sun for 21 years or more.

For The Wizard's Cauldron, a limited-time wizard-themed experience for the 21+ sorcery set, will magically materialize at a "secret location" somewhere in Southern California from Feb. 26 through April 5, 2020.

And by "somewhere" we mean "Hollywood," though the exact spot is not yet appearing in our personal scrying mirror.


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Do you need to arrive with your own robe? That can be borrowed while you're there, and the people behind the pop-up will lend you a wand as well.

Once you're berobed, and bewanded, you can take a course in potion making or choose to quaff your own supernatural sip (think mead or mulled wine, two beverages that show up in many magical tales).

Tickets are on sale now, so turn your broomstick in the direction of this site, should you want to revel, in the most spellbinding of fashions, with your best spellcasting buds.

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