Wizards on Wheels Rule Harry Potter Skate Night

It's the seventh and last lark at Moonlight Rollerway, so don your Hogwarts uniform and skedaddle for Glendale.

What to Know

  • Saturday, Aug. 25
  • Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale
  • $15

Memorizing every enchantment ever, and studying up on all spells from the beginning of time, probably isn't really possible, given a wizard's hectic schedule.


But you don't need to gaze too deeply into any scrying glass, a glass that has a window onto the world of spell-casting, to know this: Many incantations involve the moon, moonbeams, and the magic of moonlight.

So it isn't unlikely that we'd advise you to fly your broomstick in the direction of moonlight, or rather Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale, where all sorts of wizards and Muggles and bewitching beings will gather for a turn or 20 around the roller rink.

The incandescent occasion?

It's the Harry Potter Roller Skating Night, an annual meet-up of mystical characters who do love to get down and around the oval while listen to symphonic tunes straight from the "Harry Potter" films.

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It's the seventh outing for this not-so-hocus-pocus-y hullabaloo, and, organizers say, the last.

It's a nice stopping point, is the good word from The Los Angeles Dumbledore's Army. After all, say the planning wizards, there were seven Potter books and seven Horcruxes.

Again, truth.

So best wear your house hues and Potter pride at the Saturday, Aug. 25 celebration, which will include, in addition to the movies' scores, "... wizard rock, (a) costume contest, merchandise, games and raffle prizes," as well as a chance to purchase Butterbeer at the rollerway's snack bar.

A ticket? No ancient words are to be spoken, from the scrolls of olde... It's fifteen bucks. 

The hours are 8 to 11 o'clock, leaving you time to fly away from the Moon(light Rollerway) before midnight tolls.

Also? It's all ages, bring-the-kids, bring-the-parents kind of party, of course. This is the realm o' Potter after all, where all generations find joy.

And, of course, where any resident of Hogwarts can show off a stylin' spin at the center rink.

But if you can't skate, or don't want to, no need to wave your wand and disappear; you're invited to enjoy the evening, off-rink, and all that it promises to magically deliver.

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