Woof: Golden Road Has a Beer + Dog Grooming Fundraiser

The packages are all happening in honor of National Puppy Day, and the beneficiary is as sweet as a fluffy Fido: Wags & Walks.

Jess Rona Grooming

What to Know

  • Available for purchase on Tuesday, March 23; Wolf Pup, Passion Wolf, and Hazy Pup are the beers headlining each $100 package
  • The brewing company has partnered with Jess Rona Grooming
  • Wags & Walks, the rescue group, will receive 100% of the proceeds

Ever had a golden brew while sitting alongside your Golden Retriever at Golden Road Brewing?

Even if you haven't, because you don't have a Golden or haven't been to one of the Southern California company's local brewhouses, you're likely aware that the team behind the craft beer-making powerhouse really, really love pups.

Like, really.

That love has gone beyond welcoming pooches onto the various Golden Road patios in the past.

The company has partnered on several fundraisers for Fidos, including the one that's set to launch on Tuesday, March 23.

You're correct, canine fans: That is National Puppy Day.

And to celebrate? Golden Road Brewing has teamed up with Jess Rona Grooming, all to give dog-loving beer fans a great, give-back deal, one that will help local rescue animals.

There's a trio of packages to choose from, they all include a six-pack of one of the Golden Road beers that pay tribute to our dogs, and a grooming session, too.

"Branded puppy swag unique to each package" is also part of the hound-happy goodies you'll receive.

The beers headlining each packages?

Wolf Pup, Passion Wolf, and Hazy Pup, so be sure to pick the six-pack you'd like.

And the beneficiary?

This is the sweetest part of all: Wags & Walks, a rescue organization that works to home dogs and help our furry friends in myriad ways, will receive 100% of the proceeds.

Indeed, Golden Road donates a dollar from every dog-themed six-pack sold to Wags & Walks regularly, with a cap of $50,000 a year.

It all opens on March 23, but you can visit the Golden Road shop now and get further details.

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